This is us, this is KOKOLU.
KOKOLU’s founder Luanne is a young mother who has worked in the shoe business for 8 years. As work became busier and busier, Luanne realized that the more technology developed, the more loneliness she felt. Also, she felt less companionship and attention to our brothers and sisters, parents and children because of our busy world.
Luanne was thinking day and night, how could we enrich and cherish the relationships and feelings between people? So, she began to look for a way that connects and expresses love and emotion. She kept thinking about this idea from her experience and passion in the shoe business. After more than 10 months of research and experimentation, she founded KOKOLU !
KOKOLU is a designer casual shoes brand based on the concept “This is us”. Comfortable and eco-friendly shoes, KOKOLU connects us with our family, children and even friends in a very special way through a new shared experience with ultra-comfortable shoes.
It took more than 1 year for Luanne’s team to make the first KOKOLU shoes.
KOKOLU's Italian designer team have excelled in shoe fashion and design for about 10 years. After many design concepts and comfort tests, the first soft, light weight, comfortable and convenient KOKOLU shoes came into the world.
From the concept of “This is us”, KOKOLU choose the velvet and NASA insole to create truly fashionable and comfortable shoes. The KOKOLU zipper design brings a convenient experience for busy moms and kids who don’t like to lace up shoes.
At the same time, from the perspective of a highly fashionable concept, KOKOLU provides different colors to match the mood of the day and your own fashionable style.