What is KOKOLU

KOKOLU is a brand that makes Velvet Luxurious Sneakers.

We are the combination of Italian Design and Ancient East Craftsmanship.

We found that the Velvet and Silk materials are both having fantastic functional design possibilities and rich in cultural connotation.

So we absorbed the traditional human craftsmanship and ancient clothing culture, commercialized the Velvet materials with modern Italian design and shoes-making techniques, here comes KOKOLU.

We made a vision of that every woman can owns her everyday sneaker with Luxurious looks, Comfortable feels and is Eco-friendly.

We are on our way to make it happen.

Freedom And Inclusion

When we talk about our target Customer we talk about “Women”. All of them. Through comfort and simplicity KOKOLU encourages all women to reconciliate with their body by breaking all the walls and prejudices, regardless of age, size, profession, or skin color.

“When we talk about inclusion, not only we think about having more representations of different body types, races and ages in fashion and in business. We also think about literally including women in more social/professional and everyday occasions, without the need of wearing a 4-inch heel and a full make-up.”

Time Saving

Velvet DNA

Italian Design, Ancient East Heritage

Company Address

14B, Phase II, Shuiwan 1979 Plaza, 111 Taizi Road, Shuiwan Community, Zhaoshang Street, Nanshan District, ShenZhen City